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The Drone Skyview Expertise.


I'm a life long camera operator and video producer who converted his skills and knowledge into photo shooting &  Vidéo capture by Drone.


For any inquiries just send me an email to homepageATskyviewDOTcam with a short description of your expectations in the way that I can tell you my action field possibilities and limitations then start to draw together the basis big lines of your project then possibly to edit a tailored quote...


I'm operating with the 2 latest Dji drones:


The Mavic Pro who is the newest generation of drone who provides a master quality in commercial & professional aerial photography and video capture for middle range budget customers as hotels, beach bar, resorts, weddings, structures technical inspections & construction areas evolution with Live* report, damage inspection & report, real estate, sport gathering, urban planning and landscaping... Endless usage possibilities... You will find the ones we forgot. Prices are resonnable and easily reachable.


The Mavic Pro quality production is dedicated for Internet, social media and devices as smartphones, tablets, computers and internal television networks.


*Interesting capability for customers wishing a "Live"  inspection concerning a remote area from their location: I can broadcast "Live" the flight on YouTube in HD 720p with about 30" Live Stream delay only. This give you the opportunity to redirect almost instantly my operations (in 4G areas only). 


The Dji Inspire 2 for high-end institutional customers who need heavy post-production image treatment and worldwide On-air TV Broadcast quality. This drone get an Zenmuse X5S camera with the resolutions of 20 mega pixel for photos and 5.2K for video. Budget are consequent.


Nevertheless I'm not operating after sunset (out of a very luminous and safe Fly-Zone), under the rain (even light rain) and with strong wind. Also in some hostile environments as birds, eagles, dogs, crowd, wires, unfriendly humans, anything who can jeopardize the flight ... In case I decide to not operate the drone flight for safety reasons is no cancelation fee due to/from any part (you and/or me.) In case of "specific event" the Skyview drone project is lost. For other type of shooting, where is no specific day required, we can try to select an other day... 


Possibilities are almost infinite so is no price list here to find. All is by tailored quote. 

I can do the post-production of your commercial movie and edit up to the final cut for those two resolutions: HD720p and FHD1080p. For above formats as UHD2.7/4/5.2K I can provide you the raw footage and we will outsourcing the post-production. All that sizes and formats are available according to your needs and budget. 


For local events (Penang) I'm even operating in SOS mode for a "last minute, same day" happening... I'm also open to any photo/video drone shooting in almost any countries as long my passport, the local drone regulations and your budget match the goal.


Hope to hear from you soon...



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